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back to the reason for this thread.
my old 12 . I got her for nothing about 4 years ago through practical classics and apart the the corners at the cills and head lamp panels /inner wings she is a very solid car. Now painted black i think she was white when new. have fitttedl new driveshafts/baljoints/brake pipes discs and pads. still got a problem with clutch/gearbox( see my other posts) but i am getting there. It had some stress cracks in the floor around the gear stick? but they have been welded
My To Do List includes
1. fit new shocks(rear) nearly 40 quid each form dingbros
2. re-fit & revynil interior
3. repair a bad spry job
i dont intend to spend any money on labour so will keep you informed {bearing in mind its taken 4 yeers to get this far cant guarentee speed of updates} photos will follow
1 - 12 of 12 Posts