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I bought a 2007 campus a couple of months back with 20k miles on the clock. After running it for a week or so i checked the computer and it was stating 31.5mpg. I had a word with the garage and they said reset the computer, refill the tank and try again, still in the low 30's.
So i then filled the tank, did a non stop run of 53.1 miles, topped back up at fuel station again and manual fuel figures worked out at 47.06mpg, i had used 5.13L of petrol, but the computer was still only saying 34mpg..I did a second run and the figures were the same, the garage a bought it from are baffled and are trying to get advice on it...
Has anyone had a similar problem with the computer? and anyone any idea how to get the computer to display the proper readings?...Thanks....
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