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Bit of a long story but here goes:

Basicly a month ago my ecu went kaput and would not fire cylinder 2 & 3.
Had the ECU refurbed and was told it had a one year warranty. When I got it back the warranty coverd any faults except the fault that had occured.
Well after an argument with the guy at the refurb centre he basicly told me that the fault was caused by the coils and they wont fix it because there is no gaurantee that the faulty coils have been replaced. He basicly laughed at using non renault coils.

Any way originaly I had four 6 month old coils from ebay (the guys that make there own) which i decided to replace just incase they were at fault for the ecu going.

Purchased four new renault coils and re fitted the ECU and every thing was perfect. Couple of days later the car starts to suffer from hesitation and stuttering only slight but there. This is a sign of coil failure and It has been getting worse so today I got my old coils and went through a process of elimination to find the faulty one.

Heres the interesting bit:

If I use renault coils on 1 and 4 they work perfectly and as soon as I use them on 2 & 3 they stutter. If I use ebay coils on any of the cylinders they work fine.
This has left me running renault coils on 1&4 and ebay ones on 2&3.

Any one know why renault coils will not work on the middle cylinders properly as I dont really want to run ebay coils as there is a chance they could fry my ecu again.

Thinking of quickly selling the car before it dies again :(
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