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Hey all,

I've just completed a coolant change. Changed from OAT red to Renault RX Type-D. A few days in and it's turned from green to pink!

I flushed the system repeatedly beforehand. Once with radiator flush. I then dismantled the system and flushed each component separately. The water ran clear!

The old OAT red used a pretty strong dye. It's stained the expansion tank. If you drop any inside the engine bay, it is a real pain to clean off! My guess is that the cooling hardware is stained pretty hard, and the dye is leeching out of the metal and into the new coolant.

Thoughts? Thank you.
MEGANE III 1.6 Petrol 2009.

I have consulted with a forum moderator who has high expertise on such matters, and have been able to confirm the cause is simply from the previous coolant leaving stains behind, which then changed the colour of the new coolant. Hope this post helps people out there.
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