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2005 Renault Scenic 1.5 Dci
Trying to figure out if they blooming thing has a DPF or not, I can't really see under atm.
But did this version even come with a DPF?
Was looking at TRIPLE QX Fully Synthetic (Low Saps C3) Engine Oil - 5W-30 to service with but obviously not needed if no DPF.
It seems to take a massive variant of oils according to the manual and Euro car parts etc.

There appears to be a leak of oil sprays small amounts out near the turbo flex pipe, looks worse then it is as it doesn't loose to much oil over a four months its lost about a half reading on one of the measurements on the dipstick, I'd assume that's less then 150ml (going by the dipstick usually being about a litre). Is it likely a seal, or the EGR blocked? Should oil even be near there?
It's had a new turbo at some point or a refurbed one before we bought it, have no history with the car.
Any ideas would be helpful. If it's easier just to replace that area then cool.
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