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Hi. I bought a 57 plate Renault Grand Scenic (Has Megane showing on both rear passenger doors). It is a 1.9 diesel automatic, 7 seater quite high mileage
Neither rear electric window works.
I have had it since April and in the last month or so the electronic handbrake Switch has stopped working, it only releases when I drive off and sets when I switch off the engine. Obviously it won***8217;t pass the next MOT!
I***8217;ve tried a replacement switch it made no difference.
I have been told that it could be a bad connection under the passenger seat, so I lifted the passenger seat out today, the grey multi connector plug had obviously corroded and someone has hacked it off, badly!
I***8217;m amazed that so many wires appear to be the same colour etc, but I really need to reconnect these back together. Is there a colour wiring diagram for that multi plug that I can download or can anyone help me please. I***8217;ve got until end of the year.
Thanks in anticipation.

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Renault dont use wiring diagrams that show coloured wires..
They use numbers in each multiplug. Allowing test from A TO B,
So its doing one wire at a time..
BUT AND here is the BUT..
if it was working when you bought it,, why are you going for that..
So bit more history of the car, from you,,,BEFORE ,,,,, you start ripping the car apart.

Otherwise you are going to be taking rear seats out , glove box out, and getting long test leads...
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