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I have an airbag warning indicator showing on my dash. My Laguna II (2001) has also been refusing to start intermittently. The engine turns over fine but just does not catch / fire up.

Anyhow I brought it to my local repair guy. He uses a SnapOn diagnostic reader but could not get it to connect to my car. He was connecting to the socket behind the ashtray in the centre console. He suggested I take it along to Renault.

My wife brought it to the dealer today who quoted me around £60 to run a diagnostics check. It turns out that the Renault garage also could not connect to on board computer. He told my wife it would need to be booked in to have "all 3" computers checked and wiring checked. He said this would be expensive!

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? There doesn't appear to be any other issue with car so I am of the opinion that there may be a dodgy connector / connection somewhere between the diagnostic socket and wherever it attaches to.

Your help is appreciated.
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