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ok one more cheeeeeze.........

Derek had a new job at his local zoo, he was ever so nervous..
On his first day he was asked to look after the Finch."phew what an easy job"he thought. As he stand next to the cage he fell asleep and fell inside.When he woke he panicked and started to flay his arms around in fear as he was scared of being attacked by the birds. Before he knew it, he had battered all the birds to death!!! "what should i do?" thought Derek
"i know i will feed them to the lions". So he does and he gets away with it.

On his second day, he is asked to look after the monkeys. "this has gotta be easy" thought Derek.
So there he is looking after the baby monkeys when he falls asleep inside the cage! and yet again he wakes up and swing his arms about in a blind panic and you guessed it, he has accidently battered all the baby monkeys to death!! "oh no?" "sod it... feed them to the lions" and again he gets away with it.

The 3rd day he is given a special suit,a stick and asked to watch the bee hives. "EASY!" thought Derek, chuffed he gets protective clothing! Everything is fine until he is attacked by a swarm of bees, Derek swings his stick around in panic and yes,he kills all the bees!! "scoop em up.. feed them to the lions" Derek says, and yet again he gets away with it!

A new lion joins the Zoo 2 days later. He is getting his bearings walking around the pride and eventually goes up to the other Lions.
"hello mate, whats it like here" says the new lion
"its ok mate, not to bad" they reply
"cool, whats the food like here then?" says the newbie

"well" they reply....

wait for it!! hehe this ones even worse!!.........

"the food was sh*t before but the last week we have had..
Finch, Chimps and mushy Bees!! "


:rofl: :d :) :moonie: :rolleyes:
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