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Good Morning,

Firstly a big hello to all members on this great forum.

Have what appears to be an underlying problem with Clio mkIII 1.2 16v 2007


After clearing DTC it appears at ignition on every time, without starting engine, eventually, I say this as it may happen next time started or after 1,2,3 days, I’m presuming this causes the spanner light to appear, limp mode then occurs, fault codes is then motorised throttle body and O2 sensor or sometimes just motorised throttle body.

There is a thread on here posted by Skyperr and some great advice from ours2012 regarding the UPC but no resolution at the end please could anyone give any advice.

Have checked all the following:-

Battery - Excellent new battery as just bought car with flat battery
Alternator - good checked with digital Seally tester
Wiring between engine components and ECU for resistance
UPC connections, all relays for burning, all fuses out and cleaned, any water damage / ingression

Look forward to hearing from you with any advice as what to check and resolve this tricky one.

Kindest Regards,

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