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My Kangoo starts on the button but then almost immediately starts a very hesitant misfire and proceeds to belch out white smoke.

On full throttle under load it will suddenly clear and run strong and hard, but on any part throttle settings on the over run it proceeds to belch out smoke again.
As soon as full throttle is applied again it clears itself and runs OK again.

The engine has clear fuel pipes fitted and although I can see the very occasional air bubble, I don't think there are too many to cause concern.

There is also a madly clicking/ticking solanoid under the dash that I believe is the indicator solanoid as they don't work when it is removed, but when I fiddle with the wiring adjacent to the fuel pump it stops clicking/ticking.

The engine which has done 130,000 uses no oil at all and runs as sweet as a nut at times, but then, all of a sudden damned me it starts to misfire and play up again.

Has anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?
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