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This is the responce i got emailed back. just under 3000 names, this was probally due to system faults, it took me about 5 attempts to submit.

Read the Government's response here

The proposal to reduce MOT frequency was initiated by the Davidson Review Team and the Better Regulation Commission whose purpose is to look at the implementation of EU law in the UK, and the legislative burden on UK businesses.

The Department for Transport will shortly launch a public consultation on whether the UK should move away from its current pattern of testing. Those with an interest will be able to comment on whether or not the EC minimum frequency of testing would be more appropriate for the UK, and provide any evidence to support their views. One area for close consideration is that of road safety, which will be addressed in the consultation process.

No decisions will be taken on the issue of the frequency of MOT testing until we have had the opportunity to fully consider all the responses to the consultation later in the year.
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