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As long as the bureaucrats don't force older cars off the road (using tax or legislation) it shouldn't make any difference, as prices of used cars will solidify and remain fairly constant.

When I worked for Ford, people justifiably complained about the high cost of new cars (compared with mainland europe), but then complained when their second-hand values dropped, when new car prices fell into line (its a sword which cuts both ways). Discounts = Depreciation.

Personally, the ball was dropped around 20years ago, when manufacturers wanted to go 'lean-burn', just think about it - refine the sulphur out of the fuel, burn it closer to the stoichiometric (most-efficient) quantities, and hey presto! The only emissions are CO2 (HC levels are negligible as minimal fuel is wasted), no mining of platinum for catalysts are needed (less expense for the motorist), fuel is used more efficiently (conservation), engines run better, and performance doesn't suffer.

The technology existed - yet they chose to make engines run richer (dirtier), and bolt on expensive items which fail regularly during a car's lifetime. Of course, if we used less fuel, there would be less revenue from fuel taxes...

Crazy if you ask me.:crazy:

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