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Sorry can't remember the proper name for it but hopefully everyone knows the one (also unsure if this should be posted in here or engines?)
Anyway, I think I've mentioned this before but just to follow up.

I bought my Clio 51 plate dCi in 2013 and the previous owner told me how the coil light stays on and makes it difficult to start until it's cleared by diagnostics.
I tried lots of things over the last few years without crazy expenditure to fix it, checking the relay blocks, cleaned EGR, changed crank sensor...
I ran diagnostics on it and had two things come up - camshaft sensor circuit and a faulty injector.
I took the car into my local Renault specialist garage and he suggested changing the camshaft sensor so went with a decent quality (£30) one, the fault was cleared and I went on my way as it was hoped that would sort it.
Lo and behold it came back on again yesterday so now unsure what to try next or could it be the injector fault (which I think was 'low level') that might be doing it or could 'camshaft sensor circuit' be a red herring?
Even after the camshaft sensor was changed it would still tend to often take a couple of times to start, every 2nd or 3rd time it might start 1st time (e.g. parked up and started again).
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