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Hello my MK1 1985 Renault Trafic doen't have a fridge, so we bought one yesterday from a breaker for a really good price which came from a Renault Rainbow T1100 (needs a good clean but had been running) which appears to be gas generated. Were all the fridges gas generated or did they just switch over to gas when stationery??? Also does anyone know if :
1) This fridge will fit or can be adapted to fit?
It appears to fit into hole where the original fridge would have been and I can see the original cables.

I have uploaded some photos of the fridge to see if anyone can tell me if this was anything like the original fridge would have been, also there is a piece I have taken a photo of which I have put on top of the fridge and has a circular hook and a blade type rotor?? on the end. Anyone have any idea where this would have been fitted please?

Also for safety is there anyone who can tell me who can test these (as we do not if in working order) and who would be the best people to contact to fit it.

If anyone can help it will be much appreciated.
Thank you

P1170749.JPG P1170747.JPG P1170746.JPG P1170748.JPG P1170749.JPG P1170495.JPG

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Am sending you a PM.

Also a 3-way fridge is used as follows :- 12v DC whilst driving to your destination then you switch over to either gas or 240v mains when parked camping.

Any CORGI gas fitter can inspect the fridge once installed but perhaps speak to a Calor gas agent that sells appliances and they should point you in the direction of someone who can test for you.
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