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Hi all. I own a 2004 Grand Scenic and have recently changed the discs and pads all round with genuine renault parts.

Once completed the handbrake release bit on the rear right hand side caliper was sticking a bit causing a warning display "Parking Brake Fault". I freed this off and it was working perfect yet the warning light was still on. It was over the weekend so I couldnt take it into Renault to get it turned off.

Over the weekend however my partner parked up and pulled the handbrake lever on and it beeped loudly and on the display said "STOP" "PARKING BRAKE FAULT". The parking brake did not come on nor did it make the normal noise it does.

Took it to renault who quoted me £620 for a new motor for the mechanism. Is this the only way to fix it as I dont have £620 to get this fixed and why all of a sudden when I changed my brakes has this occurred and not before.

Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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