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Local garage has recommended two oils for my car,

Shell Helix


Elf Solaris - (Renault advised)

The guy said they buy bulk of the Shell so is much cheaper.

He said he'd put the Solaris in if I really wanted for £26.95 for 5lt plus labour.

If I could afford it I'd go the Amsoil route as everythig I read says how good it is.

I can't afford it but is the Solaris any better that the Shell Helix?

Also, which flavour of Solaris or helix do i need. it's a diesel, 1.9 Dti (or so it says on the door badge but 02 Scenic is listed as Dci?!)

Help appreciated, and sorry oilman but I really can't afford the good stuff. :eek:

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Solaris is only needed for the newer ranges of dci engines as it is a lower vicosity and is needed for these new diesels. has something to do with the fap filter that are now fitted
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