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Hi everybody please can you help me, my 03 Lag II has gone all sulky on me and lost some power (without even telling me), then it went all nasty on my wifey and temporarily lost most of its power with a rude message saying "fuel injection fault." after this rather naughty short spell it returned to about 80% power. Today I have taken it to my local doctor who plugged something very complicated in to the old girl (car not wifey) and up came a code or two . These are "233 heater plugs" and "322 air intake." I was wondering if anybody could help with translating this Serbocroat into normal mechanic speak.

Technical details 1.9 DCI Laguna initiale (2003) 85k
I will appreciate any help as I dont want to pay a fortune to mr main dealer as I am only poor and my local independat dealer is extremely helpful, profficent and offers a great service.
Many thanks
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