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Hi Guys,

I've not had this Lag II very long, couple of months now and before that I had a Modeo TD.

I find the engine to be quite noisy, more so inside the cabin than outside, in fact, if I open a window it sounds great - barely an audible whistle from the turbo.

But inside the cabin it sometimes feels like it's rumbling, or possibly even vibrating, it's very hard to describe properly but you know when something just niggles at you and you feel it's not quite right, it feels like that - there's no vibration in the gearbox, least I can't feel any through the gearstick. Do these have dual mass flywheels? It only seems noisy when accelerating, and it's quieter at higher revs than low - almost like it's resonating at a particular rev bandwidth - I really don't know to be honest. I have noticed occassionally that it sounds like the exhaust may be blowing - up around the manifold, especially when the car is warm and I rev a little higher than idle, you get that kinda rumbling farting noise for a split second - but it hasn't got any worse in 2 months and the car has been driven pretty hard, so I've no idea what's going on - if anything at all. :crazy:

I've read plenty of reviews that suggest the engine is noisy, I'd actually have to disagree on the whole as you can hardly even tell it's a deisel most of the time, very quiet starting and cruising, just this accelerating issue. :confused:

Anyway, I'd be interested to here opinions on engine noise vs cabin noise etc.

Thanks. :)
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