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Hi all.I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction as to how to get more power and who sells the parts.not a lot of tuning companies sell any parts for this car.
I'm looking to get as close to 250bhp as possible out of this engine.
The engine has covered 86 thousand miles.
I've had the car 5 months and searched all the common problems these engines have and spent a small fortune replacing them ready for bigger power.
have replaced.
Clutch and duel mass.
Rocker cover and full gasket set.
Sump gasket.
Recon turbo.couldn't find a upgrade.
Cleaned out all turbo pipes and egr.
And intercooler flushed.
Fresh oil and filter change.
Just had a mot 3 days ago so all bushes mounts etc are good.

Any advice would be great.
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