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G'Day Guys,

Aussie Renault noob currently in France trying to fettle a 1994 Renault Espace II's front suspension.

The MOT equivalent here came back saying the front struts and upper ball joints have to be replaced.

I have purchased the parts from Oscaro and they should be here this morning.

Searching the forum I have been unable to locate a thread or further information on changing the struts.

HeatherJ linked this thread
But that is for the Espace III which has quite a different set up.

I do have a manual for the car (digital) but that again doesn't really spell out the procedure.

I'm right once I get the strut out to change the spring to the new strut. but am looking for a little advice on removal of the strut. Particularly where it dives through the upper arm and bolts to the sway bar!

Thanks in advance.

Gratuitous gorgeous Renault shot - nothing like an Espace at all really :d

Cheers, SB
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