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I will shortly have two Espace Mk2 (an L reg and and R) rolling shells available for free to anyone willing to collect them from Holywell, north Wales. Both are sorned and have V5Cs.
They will have all glass, doors, windscreens still in place and very probably their 7 seats too.

I was (am) stripping both to provide parts to upgrade the engine/electrics on my main project: the resurrection/upgrading of a Trafic based Rapido Randonneur 410 caravanette of 1984 vintage.

Sadly I will be losing my storage for the two Espaces within a few weeks and no matter how far I've got with the strip they will have to go. It seems a shame to send them to the scrap yard when they have decent body panels, good glass etc.

Would any members be interested in acquiring them?


Peter Jones
Email deleted for your own safety.
If any members wish to take up the offer, please use the PM (conversation) facility.


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