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Just purchased a P plate Espace II which came with the original Blaupunkt/Renault cassette. The display was shot on it so I set about replacing with my Alpine CD player... I puchased the autoleads parts PC99-ALP and PC99-X01 so I could still use the control stalk by the steering wheel.

The stalk worked with the Blaupunkt unit so I know that it is still functioning, but I cannot get any result with the Alpine..

Has anyone had any luck getting these to work, and if so did you also need the ISO adaptor? Ive seen posts on other car forums suggesting this was needed, but on the renault the leads from the renault plugged straight into to the X01 with no problems?

Any advice greatly appreciated as leaning that far down to turn the stereo down while reprimanding kids on the back row will surely be dangerous!!!

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