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Hello experts,
Left the car at the airport for a month, then the engine management light come on my 1.9Dci Laguna 95bhp. Also the service light and the 'Check emissions' message has come on at the same time. Done 53k miles, mostly Morotway miles. Took it to an authorised MOT garage who took my car out for a 'good run' and reset the engine light -light came back on within a day, all three - engine management, service indicator, check emissions - they now tell me it is either the FAP Filter sensor or the DPF filter that is faulty but they can not tell for sure which one it is - their advice is to first change the FAP Filter sensor (£205) and to reset the engine management light to see if it works.
Is it true that unless one replaces the FAP filter sensor, one can not tell whether it is the FAP filter sensor or the DPF that needs replacing.
Your advice may potentially save me time and money,
Kind regards,Kini
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