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Posting this as I have a faulty sensor, Air con read 0bar on a diagnostic clip (Renault Can clip)

Readings before and after as per pics

I still need to regas the car but sensor now showing info on clip, did nothing before!

Only carry this out if you are certain this is the root cause of your faulty air con!

First remove the torx screws from top of bumper under bonnet, there are 3 smaller torx screws and one big torx sat in the middle.

Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle Auto part Windshield

Auto part Bumper Tire Automotive exterior Vehicle

Next remove the plastic plugs, be careful not to break them, a quarter screw and then prise the middle of the plastic plug up and then prise both parts of the plastic plug up and out

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Car Auto part

Look under your arch liner, you will see two bolts, mine are 7mm, only focus on the lower part of the bumper, unscrew two bolts each side to free the plastic

Tire Automotive tire Fender Automotive exterior Synthetic rubber

be careful on this bit!!! carefully prise the plastic apart where the lower bumper meets the wings, both are plastic

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Automotive wheel system Wheel

Bumper Automotive exterior Tire Automotive tire Auto part

Dont pull anything away just yet! hust leave it in situ.

Next 3, 10mm bolts hold the plastic tray together under car, see pics, remove these.

Bumper Auto part Automotive exterior Automotive lighting Vehicle

Now if you have fog lights be careful not to yank the bumper away or you will damage the wiring loom!!!

Care fully pull the plastic away at the top under the bonnet, see pics there are 2 layers of plastic, still held by small lugs, pull up and towards you carefully

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Vehicle Car

Bumper Auto part Automotive exterior Tire Automotive wheel system

The bumper will come away, rest it in front of you and then disconnect any fog light wiring loom if you have one.

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper Family car

Vehicle Car Headlamp Bumper Automotive exterior

Ok, here is the pressure switch, its a 14mm spanner, it will not leak refridgerant, so don'y worry (I can only say this was my experience on this car, I have no knowledge of any others)

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Car

Floor Auto part

Unplug wiring loom to pressure switch and be careful to retain the seal or replace with a new one if you can (best practice)

Thats it!

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Good point Jaime, for me I needed more access plus I needed to see if the clutch was engaging on the compressor and check the pipes and evaporator unit, I just wanted to do as much as I could and give it a full inspection

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