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Would you want to upgrade your Zoe's non CarPlay R-Link for a 3rd party device?

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2014 Renault Zoe
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Anyone know where the canbus connector (not ODB-II port) is located on the 2014 Zoe?

I am looking to replace R-Link on this older car - does not really do much for me - it is the Radio, and a bluetooth streamer for podcasts and music. Stopped using the navigation years ago as there was an annoying beep every time I passed a speed camera, and the other "electric car" aspects of R-Link are not interesting.

CarPlay gives Waze navigation, radio, podcasts, but also access to electric car apps that will really help - like finding a charge point, paying for charging, finding parking, paying for parking (all accessible via the CarPlay interface - so its simple). It would bring the car's tech up-to-date.

There are options for aftermarket Android based full console replacements which are compatible with the Renault Zoe 2012-2018. By compatible, I mean a full console replacement in keeping with the Zoe - not some kind of frankenstein weekend project...

I picked up this:

Its listed as: "Carplay PX6 DSP Android 10.0 Car Radio Multimedia Video Player For Renault Clio 4 ZOE 2013-2019 GPS Navigation Auto Audio Stereo"

A picture is included below.

I have been messaging back and forth with the supplier and apparently the unit will want to connect to the canbus on the Zoe for installation. So it comes with a "3-way" canbus cable, which should be placed in line with the canbus. Photo example of cable below. I have tried forums, owners manuals, service manuals (that I could find - not complete and not purchased) to find this kind of connector. (I believe the ODB-II port is not sufficient).

The comment form the factory is the canbus connector required "is not in the central control position and should be under the co-pilot's armrest box"

1) Does anyone know where a canbus connector like this may be found on the Zoe?
2) Anyone done change/upgrade before?!?

Many thanks,


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