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i have problem with my car:
when i hit any bump on road, my steering wheel rotate to left.
So i have to push all the time wheel to right.

I find some one track road in the near, with is tilt to left abour 3 degrees, and is bumpy a road length about 500 meters.
When i go to this road 70 km/h(cruising control on) after only few meters, 10 meters-15 meters ma wheel turn to left, and car goes off the road,so i need to correct wheel and car path. The same behavior is to the end of this road. Then i turn back, and do the same thing, accelerate to 70 km/h (cruising on), now the road is tilted to right , i straight up car, (steering wheel is about 1-2 degrees to left), my car, driving over bumpy road, goes straight all 500 meters.

The car is under guaranty. I go to official service, even Renault in my country send technician to investigate problem, but he insisted that i could not be in the car during testing!?!

So please, is there some official renault testing procedure that i could (i heard about some weight attached to steering wheel) apply to get some numbers!!! Or any advice!

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