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Hi everyone
I'm new to this forum but i need some advice on how to resolve an issue I'm having with my Renault Dealership.
I booked my 2012 Renault Fluence in for a Service plus a leaky Radiator to be Replaced under Warranty.
My 5 years Warranty was due to expire on 01-11-17 so as soon as I saw a slight leak under my car I booked it in with my Renault Garage on 27-10-17 , but they said they couldn't take it till 02-11-17 .
I told the lady that took my booking that I had a problem with the car leaking water and that because I am booking it in before the warranty runs out I would expect the warranty to cover it .
When I brought the car in on 02-11-17 the Service Manager said that they would not cover the radiator through the Warranty because the Warranty ran out on 01-11-17 , just 1 day ***128545;
He says I will have to pay €430.00 to replace the radiator. I just want to add that we bought the car Brand New from this Renault Garage and have Always Got it Regularly Serviced including a timing belt at this Renault Dealership to make sure we had the comfort of the Warranty.
I told him that I had brought it to their attention on 27-10-17 so in my opinion I should be covered by warranty
The temperature gauge was reading Normal and the car was driving fine , Then I got a call from him to tell me that I could not drive the car because after the mechanics put a pressure tester on the Radiator it blew it apart.
The Service Manager told me that the Radiator was all falling apart so it had to be replaced .
Sorry about the long version of the problem but I just want to be clear about the issue I'm having.

The Question is am I covered in anyone's opinion by Warranty even though I had booked the car in 5 days before the Warranty ran out ?? Or have I no choice but to pay the €430.00 ?

Thank you all in advance

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I would get in touch with Renault customer services see what they say
I would think it would be covered or they may make a offer to part
cover it.

0344 335 0000 think that is the number.

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:iagree: but looks like you are outwith the UK so do a google search for your Renault Customer Service in your country

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You raised the issue before the warrantee ran out.
Their problem that they didn't fix it when informed of the issue.

TBH I don't know why the dealer is arguing, they will simply charge Renault for the repair.
If they believe they will have a problem with Renault, they should have sorted it without upsetting you.

If they don't/won't, they would not get the 430 from me, I'd sooner tow it out and get someone else to sort it.
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