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Forum FAQ

Please note that this section is read only

Welcome to the Forum FAQs, a collection of notes or links pointing users straight to the answers for commonly asked questions about how to navigate the forum.

Please use the contents box on the right of the page to view the various sections of this FAQ

Forum Rules Please read

User Names
Without prior consent under no circumstances will we allow members to use, any user name which reflects, or is associated to any type of business, of any nature. Anyone disregarding this rule can expect punitive action up to and including a permanent ban.
Offensive or disrespectful names are also not allowed on the forum.

[BREAK= Posting Questions and Replying To Threads]
Q: How do I post a question?
A: The best place to post a question is in the "Ask The Experts" Section. You can pick a sub section that most relates to your problem area or post directly into the main section. Look for the "post new thread" button and if you click on this,

it will start a new thread in that section. Please give your question an appropriate title and as much information as you can about you vehicle and the problem you are having! :smile2:

Q: How do I reply to a post?
A: The easiest way to post a reply on a thread is to go to the "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of the page and click in it. You can then type your response and click "Post Quick Reply" button. There is also the option to "go advanced" This will direct you to a more detailed response box the will allow you more features you can use when responding.

Tool of the Post

Quote Function
If you would like to directly refer to one persons post the the best way is to "quote" them. At the bottom of the post you want to quote click the "quote" button and this will open up a reply box with the post quoted in it. A response can then be typed with the quoted text.

A Thank You is always nice
If a member can take the time to write a Thread regarding a problem they need help with then surely you can take the extra 5 or 6 seconds it takes to write Thank You at the end..

You have to remember the people who are trying there best to help you are doing it out of there goodness of there heart.. They don't get paid for this and yet many people spend hours on here waiting to help someone out..

So they at least deserve a Thank You, some people are one post wonders and soon as they get there answer never post again and this again really gets at me as the members have been good enough to help so they in turn deserve the reply..

You may not get recognised by the OP but on behalf of everyone else the advice most of you give is priceless and will be of help to many member both now and future ones..

[BREAK= Searching The Forum For Answers]
Q: How do I check the forum for an answer to a question/issue?
A: The best idea is to search the forum about the issue you are having with your car/van etc before posting a thread about it.

There are two good ways of searching the forum. A quick search within a forum area or and advanced search.

For a quick search, go to the forum on your topic of interest and on the top right hand side of the forum box you will see a "search the forum" link. A box will drop down and you can enter the topic words for your search.

This function will only search that area. For a more detailed search of the whole forum the advanced search feature would be better. Along the top toolbar of the forum, go to the "TOOLS" drop dowm menu and click Advance search"



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