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I got her as a freebie,she was advertised in Practical Classics.
Her owner lived less than 4 miles away. With my history I thought why not.
My first car was a renault 12 (308 yellow){custard yllow} that was in 1989. I have had a sh1t load of them since including r12 est, 11gtl,18gtx,20 ts auto my da also had a load of them including renault 25 turbo,9 turbo, 9 freeway, 9 broadway,the same 20 ts auto, traffic & master.

i sat my driving test in a 11 gtd and now after almost 20 years im back with a r 12. not alot of progresss:(

her condition then was quite rough . I vowed then that i would not spend money on labour and would do all the work myself

she had rot in all four corner sills and stress cracks in the floor around the gear stick the front seats have been recovered by the local bus co. (Alexanders) tough as old boots but not very nice to look at.

drivers front door glass was perspex
back seat was thread bear,head light panels were rough and so was the front panel
repairs to follow EV
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