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Hello all,

Newbie alert here. We've had our 2007 2.0dci for about 6 months and absolutely love it so far - it's the interior space and ability to move 3 kids and all their beach inflatables around on holiday that we love.

I took out one of the seats from the middle row so it's a 2+2+2 configuration and suits us perfectly.

But when moving one of the seats, I couldn't lock it back into place in the floor rail - the catch that is supposed to spring out and grip to the floor rail doesn't seem to want to spring back out again. So I took another seat out to compare and now that one won't go back in again. It will go back on the rail but just slides up and down the entire length of the rail.


Previously I've just dropped the seat onto the rail and it locked on.

Am I doing something really daft here?

Much appreciated.

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I'd say things have gotten a bit corroded down there and the spring return is having trouble.
Follow the release mechanism down from the handle and get some lubricating oil in there like 3n1.
Few gentle taps here and there might be needed to free it up again.
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