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Hi Guys,

My wife has a 2006 Grand Scenic, 1.5 DCi Dynamique. Yesterday, whilst driving in the rain, the drivings wiper started making a knocking noise, a few minutes later it stopped sweeping across the whole of the screen and was stopping half way, a couple of minutes later it stopped moving altogether.

The passenger side one still works fine.

I got out and looked at it, and the arm that goes into the wiper itself is still turning around when the passenger side wiper moves, so I'm assuming the motor is still working fine. It just looks like whatever the arm slots in to on the wiper is no longer turning the wiper itself.

I'm not mechanically minded, but just wanted to see if this was a common fault, or if anyone had any ideas what the problem might be before I take it to Renault, and no doubt get stung for the privilege..

Thanks for any help.

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