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Hi all, this is my first post here, i only wish it was under better circumstances.

I recently bought a 2004 1.9TDi Grande Scenic. There was an issue with the battery when we bought it which should have been fixed by the dealer but that ship has sailed so i won't get into that. Surfice to say i bought a new battery and changed it.

The car didn't used to start, as if the battery was not holding its charge, hence the new battery. We had no problems with it after the new battery so i decided to install a new stereo with ipod connections. This is where the fun begins.

When i installed the stereo i noticed that the metal cage insert for the new stereo seemed to short out the dash display. It happened once and i dismissed it as a one off. A few days later the car refused to start. No life to the dash at all, but the central locking worked to let me in. I checked the battery connection and it was loose. I tightened it and all was well again. Until i opened the windows. Then the power steering cut out very briefly, maybe half a second, and a warning came on saying "braking fault". The brakes were working and nothing seemed to be affected by this warning.

Then when i got near my house the lights started to dim everytime i used something electrical, indicators, windows, even the power steering caused the instrument display to go out completely. I got home and left the car as it was dark.

I went to move the car this morning and the car was dead. No central locking, nothing. I removed the new stereo and replaced it with the old one. I tried jumping the battery from a friends car and got nothing.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.:)

You need to have three things checked,

1/The battery needs to be charged and tested to see if it is good or not (even new batteries can fail)

2/Is the alternator charging correctly?

3/Is there an excessive drain on the battery when it is fitted to the car?.

All of these things need doing before you go any further.
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