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I have a problem with the Cabasse 6CD in dash unit. The CD works great, the radio works provided the ignition is off. When the engine is running CD works as it should, but radio doesn't - it displays station, but no sound comes out of speakers. I have full function control - can change channel, and the RDS display shows channel name etc, but no sound coming out. I fugure therefore that the head unit is working fine, the amplifier is working fine, the speakers are all fine - so it must be something to do with ignition/accessory element of the wiring loom???

I have taken the head unit of of the dash, there is no aerial connection as you would expect on the back of the head unit, so I figure it must be on the amplifier part, but where have Renault hidden it?

My Scenic is a 7 seat version - clearly the aerial from the rear roof goes 'somewhere' in the car, but where (there are underseat trays in the front, but they are just trays - haven't been able to suss out where the aerial is routed - it may be that something has popped/loosened or a fuse blown along the line which prevents radio from working when the engine is running but works fine when ignition is off - something to do with an ignition feed etc?

Please help - need the radio working!!!!


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