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Having read through other forums, there are similar problems but my symptoms are somewhat different. Would appreciate any advice as I'm at a point where logic is not helping.

Re - Grand Espace IV 2.2 dci (Auto) 2005.

After servicing car in January, noticed that when in neutral, idling, it would occasionally just cut out. Engine would run normal, no warning and just cut out. It would start again with no hesitation. The problem was very intermittent and put it down to supermarket fuel.

Noticed a leak on top of one of the injectors, thought the cutting out was linked to this. Had all seals on all injectors renewed. Garage left car idling for an hour after new seals fitted - no problems.

Over Easter, was towing down M5 and after about 130 miles, stopped at services. Within 10 - 15 seconds on coming to stop, engine cut out. Started up straight away but again cut out.
Carried on with journey, throttle was responsive and no loss in power in climbs and straights. On descents, in 4th or 5th gear, coming off the throttle, engine would cut out. Would started straight away but everytime on light or no throttle, the engine would cut out as if stalled.
Got to destination where I checked - there appeared to be an air bubble in the pipe between the priming bulb and filter. (Fuel line had been bled when filter changed). Refitted filter, lid, pipes and re-bled. Car worked fine next day, travelled about 60 miles. Following day, on way home, travelled about 130 miles, stopped at services and the car did the same as on the way down.

Have replaced fuel filter and seals in case of split. Initially resolved problem, but the intermittant cutting out on idling has returned.

The problem seems to be on the low pressure side and an ever growing air bubble in the fuel pipe before the filter even if line is bled. There are no leaks around the filter or inlet / outlet pipes, and more often, the car will idle without cutting out.

Any ideas please..
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