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I'll give you the full story hoping it makes more sense.

When I got the car 6 months ago, the feul light was fine.

Since then (approx. 4 months ago) when I went to start the car it wouldn't turn over, but the engine was reving in a wurring motion :S With the aid of google and this forum I found out that an ignition coil went. I replaced 2 of the 4 ignition coils (the other two looked fine, lack of funds meant I couldn't replace all 4), and all 4 spark plugs.

Since then (approx. 2 months ago) when driving down the road, the car wasn't picking up speed and started shuddering and being very jerky. Low on fuel, but still had ~30miles in the tank, I refilled to no avail. When I got the car home after smelling a burning smell the whole way home, I checked the ignition coils... one of the older pair had gone. I replaced the other [older] two ignition coils. Then filled up my petrol tank to about half way.

Problem no.1:
Gunk on the ignition coils...
After replacing the second pair of ignition coils, I drove the car for 50 miles then removed all 4 coils to see how they looked.
One pair [older of the new] has want looks like limescale all over the coils (inside and outside).

The other pair [newer of the new] has a mayonaise like white goo inside the coils.

I have checked my oil, it is clean, and no fumes are coming out of the refill cap when the car is running. Nor is there any goo on the top of the cap suggesting a contamination with coolant.

My coolant is clean.

I didn't replace any spark plugs the second time around.

What could be causing this problem? Should I worry?

Problem no.2:
Fuel Light coming on early...
Since the second replacement of ignition coils my fuel light seems to be coming on early. It used to come on just before the red line on the gauge, it now comes on one line early it comes on at the eighth mark (1/8 full line).

I'm considering running the car until it has no fuel left to burn and to carry a full jerry can in the boot until I find out if it is an inacurate reading on the light or an inacurate reading on the gauge.

^ I don't want to do the above, and would like to resolve the issue otherwise or at least try before attempting the top.

It is too dark to take photos of the coils/gauges at the moment, but if needed, I can supply images.

Thanks for any help/ideas in advance, greatly appreciated,


P.S.: I have searched around the forum with no results to help. Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

Again, Thanks.

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Re: Gunk on my Ignition Coils & Feul light coming on early

Some pics of the white gunk on the coils would be a great help. Could water have got to them?
Also if a coil goes faulty its s[park plug is very likely to have sustained some damage die to misfiring so it is recommended to always renew them when coils are replaced.

The seemingly faulty fuel warning light could possibly be due to a faulty tank sender unit or its electrical connections. It may also be worth getting the battey and alternator voltage checked out as poor or irregular voltage can make the fuel gauge go awry.:)
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