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Hi guys

New to this forum and thanks for all the great info contained herein.

I took my renault scenic II 2005 DCI in for a repair to the rear main oil seal. When the garage put the clutch back they managed to break the pin between the pedal and the clutch master cylinder. They told me this can easily happen and that I must pay for a new part. Following the part replacement they called to say they could not bleed the system as fluid was leaking out the concentric slave cylinder. They now came back and said that it must be an old clutch and that i must now pay for them to take it all apart again some 10 hrs labor.

I argued that although the clutch had been replaced 4 years ago the car had only done 10 000km in that time (concentric slave disk and dmf was replaced). they then said to me well it could be because of movement in the DMF. I again disagree because if one is bleeding the clutch the engine is not running.

I suspect that they damaged the concentric slave when re assembling the gearbox and in so doing when they stood on the clutch pedal they caused hydraulic lock and snapped the pin as well as causing further damage to the slave as it moved initially.

Can anyone give me their opinion as I am taking the matter forward to the local motor industry protector in South Africa.

Could there be something that I have missed and the garage could be correct??

I just dont see how both the master and slave can fail at the same time especially since I drove 20km to get to the garage.

Please help

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