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First of all, hi!
My name is Filip, and I originate from Montenegro.
I am glad that I found a place like this.
Despite owning a Renault for 4 years, I must say I know nothing about it. A Renault 18 from 1980 was passed down to me by my grandfather after he passed away.
Car was sitting around, until recently.
Now I decided to do something about it. I applied for a 2022 overlanding tour from East Europe to Sierra Leone (20.000km).
I know it may sound insane to do a such trip in that car... or maybe it doesn’t?
Anyways, I will ask many questions and I hope I’ll find some parts (or at least places to buy).
Car is in decent shape, it doesn’t need a full restoration, just for checkers.
Ok, that would be all... if I missed anything, feel free to ask!

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Hello and welcome to the forums
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