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Hi Folks,
I'm Matt, in Essex near to Colchester/Clacton (all a bit Eastenders by the sea but hey its a nice county).

My wife's just bought a Megane Scenic, 2000 MY 1.6 16v RXE on a W plate, with 53K on the clock.

Nice car, loads of toys and easy drive.
Its a silver face lift model. Alloys etc.

Bought a new Exhasut centre and rear section inc clamps for £65 inc VAT. Will fit those over the weekend.

Been searching the forum, some informative posts.
Liked the Horn post particualrly, and will be doing that asap as I am an Alfa man and can't stand weedy beeps (Alfas all have butch horn sounds even if its an 1100cc Alfasud)!

Anyway, wanted to ask where in Essex is good for French car servicing?

Want the Cam belt done with a general service, water pump, oil, air, fuel and pollen filters, plus alternator belt and a new MOT.

Recommendations welcome.

Heard of a Place in Rayleigh, but prefer Colchester/Ipswich way if you all know of anywhere.
Hope to hear from you, and enjoying reading up on your posts.

Also useful links for Parts or service items welcomed as I can work on basic service myself.

Cheers and enjoy your scenics.
MattSnap :)
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