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Hi Everyone,
I just bought a 1996 Laguna RT 1.8 (the one with fog lights).
Unfortunately, it didn't come with AC pre-installed and it gets pretty hot where I am (anybody heard about the Sahara :d )

I want to know if
1. It is possible to have one installed
2. Would it require the dashboard to be removed
3. How extensively would it require the car to be dismantled
4. How efficient such a system would be.

Thanks in advance

By the way, does this car come with the evaporator installed?
Trading it in would be a problem cos I live in a third world country and this is considered a good buy. (US$5700)

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Anything is possible and it can be done. However, It would probably be cheaper and easier to trade the car in and buy with air conditioning already fitted. It is not cost effective to upgrade a car from manual air con to climate control and that already has the condenser alrready fitted.
Sorry, if this is not the answer you were looking for.
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