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Hi all, after a long look at what oil i should be putting in the car, im no longer getting anywhere, i use 10w40 castrol magnatec diesel oil at present, which is good for the money, never had any probs with it and renault used the same grade for it for the 4 years they serviced it while in warranty, although i had noticed on 1 of the services that they had used 5w 40.... never though anything of it until i started reading the threads on here, I have started learning that i might?? should??? be using 5w 40?? Looking at the castrol edge 5w 40, £40.99 for 4ltrs in halfords :eek::eek::eek: unbelievable, surely there is something bit cheaper out there and is there someone out there with a bit of advice for me .... please :d

its a megane hatch oasis 1.5dci 2005, 55 plate 86bhp..

Any help much apprecaited :toast:
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