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OK, now it is getting compicated.

The Garage have replaced the turbo, pies, breather pipe, oil, oil filter and air filter.

Got it all back together and it is doing exactly what it was when I called the AA in the first place, turning over but not starting.

The AA mans answer to this was to spray injector/carb cleaner into the air intake until the car started then keep it running, this is when it ran on and seemd to have aparently blown the turbo.

The turbo that was removed had no play in the impellers and seemed in good condition (considering it has done almost 107,000 miles) but it was replaced believing that the internal seals had failed.

I am now led to believe that the source of the problem may be timing, yet the timing belt is intact and the car ran the day before the failure and was doing 50mpg on the run to Brum and back to London.

So people, help is what I need before comitting to anything else, could this be timing or something else? There have been no warning lights at all and up to that day it had run very well.

HELP!!! :confused:
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