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Just joined the forum. I am currently working on my 2.2dT Espace (2000) as it has several problems that need to be resolved. It appears that this may have been a bad model to buy. Are there any good ones? I love the vehicle but hate the problems it has caused us. Great for carting family and stuff around but not very nice to work on and the parts prices have been horrendous!
Current issues are:
-Noise at idle from front of engine. Appears to be timing or accessory belt.
-Possible leaky water pump noticed while investigating accessory belt. Will find out more today.
Cam belt was supposedly replaced 18 months ago by dealer who sold us the car. I'm not sure I believe it though!
-Dodgy steering feel. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light. Pump or rack going I guess. Great!
-The usual clutch problem. Very strange this one. We have been putting up with it. The system has a sealed master and slave cylinder with no bleed nipples and also has a reservoir behind the dash. I'm tempted to rip it out to see what the problem is before replacing as most of these system seem to be dodgy even when new.
Anyway, I'm going to be busy. I think my next step is to buy the Laguna manual, replace cam belt, water pump and tensioner and see what is sounds like.
I'm sure I'll be back here soon to find out more and let you know what I find.

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Hello & Welcome to the Forums Dave.

Have a search of the Forums as a number of Members have had similar problems as yourself you might find the posts uesful with your repairs.


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