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Hi all,

I'm new to the world of Renault, and said that I would never touch a French car.

I've had (in no particular order):
3 x Ford Escort MkI's
Cortina Mk III 2000E
Cavalier MkI & MkII
Marina Coupe Limited Edition
Fiat Tempra
Nissan Sunny
Nissan Almera
BMW 320I
BMW 316I
Lada Estate (cough)

My last car was the 316I.

I was getting really fed up falling down into the driver seat & wanted something that was easier to get in & out of.

A couple of months ago I bit the bullet & decided to go for an MPV.
The first one I tried was the Megane Scenic 16v/1.6 Authentique 52 plate.
This drove like an absolute dream, great driving position, easy to manouvre, I couldn't fault it in any way.
I then went on to test drive a Picasso, a few others, then finally a new type Scenic.

This was an absolute contrast to the older shape. I did not feel comfortable at all, and the 'leccy handbrake and keyless ignition filled me with dread. The test drive lasted a couple of hundred yards before I took it straight back to the showroom.
Maybe they're fantastic cars, but definitely not my cup of java.

I decided to opt for the Authentique.
Without a word of a lie, this is the first car since my very first Escort (car...not hooker) that I have really enjoyed driving.

In the 2 x months since I bought it, I've ventured up to the Cairngorms on camping trips (under canvas...not mincing around), and generally offered to drive the Mrs & kids anywhere they want to fact any excuse to get behind the wheel & I'm there.

Anyway, all was going great until yesterday morning.
I noticed that the car was low on fuel the previous night, so I planned to fill up the next morning.
When I got into her & fired it up, the engine started running as if it was on 3 x cylinders and the toxic fume warning light started flashing.

After doing a bit of research on this site, it looks as if it may be the coil.
I'll find out on Monday, as an appointment has been booked in the Sighthill Renault Garage in Livingston.
The car is under an Arnold Clark warranty, so there shouldn't be any problems there.
I was amazed to see the amount of seperate posts for the same people even bother to search?

Anyway, how's that for an introduction...I can't say I'll be as active as I am here, than in another one of my forums, but It's good to know there's a wealth of knowledge here if & when I need it.
Hopefully I can contribute in some way as well.

Cheers to all & thanks for having me as a member.:)

I moved this post to the appropriate section of the Forum. Ottoman

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Cheers Ottoman.

It may be an idea to have an Introductions section of the forum for N00bies to say "Hi".

Just a thought,
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