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Hi Guys, I hope you are all well.

Ive just signed up to the forum as i have bought a trafic phase 3 8 seat minivan, (first ever renault) and hoping that some of you more experienced with renault can shed some light on my misery.

i would love to share info or hear from anyone who has the same vehicle and issues. its a constant battle with renault to get warranty repairs done, and the so called technicians at the main dealers do no inspire confidence.

some issues. here we go............

water in front fog lights,
water in rear fog/reversing lights.
steering collumn rattles and creaks,
drivers seat creaks like mad.
cruise control does what it likes ie will not turn off, and sometimes hitting the 0 actuall increases the cruise speed.
general build quality disgracefull.
intermittent no dashboard ie rev counter, speedo, computer,guages inoperative

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with the same vehicle or similar issues



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Hello Gordon and welcome to the Renault Forums:)

Sorry I'm not able to comment but hopefully some one else can

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Hey Gordon and welcome!! Afraid I can't help you either. You may want to make a new thread specifically about your problems so that the right members can see it and help as best they can!! Have a good search too as sometimes problems have been covered already! Good luck with it... there is loads of interesting stuff on here! :d
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