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Recently my drivers door will not lock using the keycard(i know not another thread about doors,keycards etc)but this seems slightly different.
Lag 2 phase 1 dynamique 1.8 16v

Before this i could hear the drivers door lock along with all the others but now all the doors but the drivers lock also after trying to lock the car i get a high pitch noise from within the car. i kmow this because i open the door to turn that little slot in the side of the door to lock it manually.

Is this noise related to the door not locking in the first place?
Is it the RAID setting itself?
Is it the RAID trying to set itself but cannot because the drivers door is unlocked?

or what for it

The sound of the cash machine struggling to count all the money that i have requested to give to Renault for the repair!:steam:
thanks in advance

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I get this high pitched whistling noise too if I try to lock the car with any of the doors, the boot lid, or bonnet not fully pushed closed.

Its a warning device to tell you something isn't closed correctly.

If you know for a fact all is closed correctly then I guess it could be a sensor thats gone duff. Don't ask me where these are tho :confused:
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