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The following applies to the Clio Mk1 1.4, I believe the location of the alternator may vary dependent on the engine spec'd in the model of car.

Disconnect Battery negative terminal before starting work.

Apply handbrake and jack up car. Support on stands. Remove drivers side front wheel for access to lower bolt.

from inside the engine bay, undo and remove the top adjusting nut and bolt. (see photo)

Rotate alternator towards the front of the car and remove the drive belt.

From inside the wheel arch remove the plastic wheel arch liner to gain access to the bottom alternator bolt.

Undo and withdraw bolt while supporting alternator. (see photo)

Working from under the car turn the alternator to gain access to the back and remove the red wire (10mm spanner) and the 2 wire multiplug (squeeze side lugs and pull).

The haynes manual suggests removing alternator through the top of the engine bay, I could not find a way to do this without dismantleing the inlet manifold so took this approach.

Undo the Track Rod swivel joint and remove from hub carrier.

Undo the 2 bolts holding the suspension to the top of the hub carrier.

You should now be able to twist the hub / driveshaft assembly towards the front of the car leaving enough room to manuevere the alternator out behind it.

Refitting is the reverse procedur.

i.e. push the new alternator back through the gap and attach the bottom bolt and wiring. Refit the plastic cover to the alternator (clips onto the bottom bolt).
Refit the top bolt and attach the top of the plastic cover and securing nut.
Swing alt forward and attach drive belt.
Retension bolt and check all bolts tight.
Refit suspension arm and track rod end.
Refit arch liner and roadwheel.
Reconect battery and test drive.

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The Alternator on my mothers one had failed and I followed the Haynes guide which claimed you could lift it out from above.
Maybe on a LHD you could but the master cylinder for the brakes gets in the way.

Anyway, I then found this thread and was shocked at the steps required to get the alternator out.

Thus I wondered if an alternate method existed and yes, I have found if you unbolt (3 x 16mm) the starter motor and small bracket above (holding pipes) that you can then withdraw the alternator that way.

Takes some wangling to get it out but it can be done.


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This was very helpful . I was able to change the alternator in only four hours . The worst thing was removing and replacing the top bolt ( the one used to adjust the v-belt tension). A 13 mm ratchet spanner with a fine ratchet would be helpful , as there is only room to turn 1/12 of a turn with a normal spanner , and you can't see what you're doing ,as your hand is in the way .
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