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Hey i've recently just bought an mk1 clio. I would really like to make it look and sound a bit better as it is an old car (1993 !). The only problem is, with me being a girl i'm not very mechanical and would like some advice from people who actually know what to do.

I want to lower my clio, i've heard that at the front there are springs, are there any particularly good makes that are reliable ? And at the back i've heard about a torsion bar, what is a good way to lower this and is it difficult to do ?

I would also like to put a sub and an amp in. How would you wire these ? Again are there any good makes that anyone could recommend ?

Thank you :)

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Hear you go,

I did up a clio 1.2 for my daughter when she past her test several years ago, some nice 15" alloys, seats from a 1.8 sport, and lots of audio in the boot in pink vinal with an alpine head unit

As this is an old car you need to be carfull, and your right, the fronts are springs and the rear has a torsion bar, replacing the spring is straight forward, doing the rear torsion bar is a problem, its more then likly siezed so give it a good dose of WD40, over several days, use a hole tin of the stuff. Then get a garage to lower it, one click is enough.

link for front springs on ebay

As for induction kits,,,,How big is the engine, 1.2 i am imagining,,,,,go for a K & N 57i Induction Kit, this will make it sound a little bit grumpier you can mess with the exhaust, get a replacement back box to give your car a louder and more tuned sound. BUT thats all you will get, the noise, no extra performance

Just give the car a little bit of tlc, get your hands dirty and give it an oil change. put some red x in with the fuel to clean out the carbs, etc, this stuff dose help. replace the plugs as well if its not had a recent service...

As for audio......

if your not up to this get some who know what there doing to do some thing for you.

if its budget but quolity go for JBL Products
a small 12" sub in the boot, replace the standered 4" speakers and run them all from an amp, head unit,,,Alpine, get a blue tooth unit, i know what you girls are like on the phone, at least with an alpine you just need to sink your phone, if it rings it shows up on the head unit screen and you push a button and not the phone.........

If you want some side skirts let me know....
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