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This excellent forum just saved me apr. 200£!

Some friendly user (markh29) wrote:

"I have just repaired mine and there is another way of doing it!!
With a very sharp craft/stanley knife cut around the edges and anywhere else it is joined, beware this is tricky and time consuming NEVER force it or its likely to snap.
I used araldite a tiny blob carefully locating the micro switch and checking it works before allowing it to set.
Worked a treat for me saved £160 at least just glue the unit back up and be careful of slashing fingers am talking from experience."

I just wanted to add a photo of this procedure for future reference...

regards Johannes


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This is what the Forum is about, It's great to see other Members advice and tips helping others .

It is also very pleasing to see Members acknowledging the help and assistance they have received from this fantastic Forum.


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