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08 MK3 Clio 1.4 16v
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Rik, can I be a bit nerdy and ask about that neat silver top cover over the inlet manifold - where can I get one of those. 😁
Feel free to be 100% nerdy with me. I am the guy who spend cleaning something that is covered by 2 things; intake manifold and engine cover.:LOL:

My (secondhand) clio had this engine cover already inside it.
Maybe you can try asking at car-scrapyards or look on their websites; engine cover clio 3 "your engine type"

I am looking for the battery top cover.

Emailed like 10 carscrapyards already.. no body seems to have it. Sad times.

Ebay has it, but i don't want to spend 25$ of shipping on it.
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