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Hi everyone, I have 2 Renault sports. One 21T Quadra and a Clio V6, but i dont want to break them on some trackdays.

Therefore i found a cheap Laguna 2 2003 2.0T 163hp that i need help with some questions.

they said that they have the old Sagem 2000 system in this cars and the newer Sagem 3000 in 2005-2007 170hp. And the old Sagem 2000 system is hard to remap.

My questions is then: Can you remap the old S2000 with some Renault RS Parts bolt on and get like Megane RS performance ? If not..
Can you take a Reseted Self learning PnP ECU Sagem 3000 and mount it on the older Sagem 2000 cable harness and just start it ? If Yes, then i have a much easier OBD2 Tuning that i can use to Remap it.

Thank you in advance

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